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    Language Arts

Literature Magazines Writing
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    Social Studies:

Texas Indians
Postcards from America
50 States
Historical Events
Plymouth, Pilgrims & Mayflower
Pilgrims & Wampanoag
Biographies & Photographs of Important Americans
Oregon Trail
Lewis & Clark Expedition
Civil War
Travel & Maps
Interactive World Atlas
Map Quest
Middle Ages
Biographies - People who have made contributions to our history.
American Memory - is access to the Library of Congress.  For example, Baseball collections, Houdini collection, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, maps, etc.
KidsConnect - is sponsored by the American Library Association.  Kids will be given assistance in locating resources for answering their own questions. Responses to questions will be given within 48 hours.
Texas Government
The White House
Presidential Exploration
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
20th. Century
More 20th. Century
Time Line of the Holocaust
Fact Monster
Interactive Geography
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More Fun with Crayola
Simple Pop-Ups You Can Make!
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    Teacher Links

A to Z Teachers
Faculty Links
Jan Brett Literature Projects
History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers
Library of Congress Home Page
Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site
Texas Senate Kids
Teachers First- Opening Page
Treasures @ Sea
Your Dictionary
700+ Great Sites
AIMS Lessons (from Univ. of Arkansas)
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    Librarian Links

Library of Congress
Library Spot
Texas Education Agency
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    For Parents:

Educaton World
Texas Education Agency - TEKS
Awards & Grants
700+ Great Sites

         Note to Parents: All sites linked to our school web page have been reviewed
         by staff, and were found to be appropriate for student use. However, because
         of the nature of the World Wide Web, sites may  change from what was
         originally reviewed. We encourage parents to contact us if you find content
         you feel is inappropriate. Due to economic reasons, many sites with suitable
         educational content may also contain commercial  content. We have not
         excluded these sites if the educational content is curriculum related. Also, it is
         recommended that adult supervision be provided to elementary age children
         on the Internet, even at home. Such supervision will be provided to Navarro
          students at school.

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