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Navarro Elementary takes pride in the hardware, software, and human resources that facilitate the learning process for our students. Cooperation between the faculty, staff, and students is the key to improving the technology skills that enhance the educational experience on our campus.
  • There are 4 to 5 Internet connected computers.
  • The TAG room is equipped with 3-4 computers.
  • The library uses a circulation software for checking out books. Students can access the card catalogue on 5-7 computers. 
  • Every teacher has a digital projector, document camera, and a laptop on a mobile cart that can access the Internet.  
  • The computer lab has 26 student computers and a teaching computer attached to a digital projector. Every class is scheduled in the lab for 45 minutes every week.
  • 3 mobile carts containing iPads and Chromebooks.
  • Our whole campus has wireless connections.
  • Compass Odyssey Learning offers an online curriculum with math, reading, language arts, writing, encyclopedias, and graphic organizer lessons for all grade levels.
  •, Think Through Math, and Istation are online software programs the promote:
    • promotes digital literacy
    • math program based on personalized instruction tailored for the need of the student
    • reading program based on personalized instruction tailored for the need of the student
  • Our district is a Google Apps for Education district. 
Human Resources
Navarro shares a Technology Instructional Mentor. The TIM is responsible for training teachers, troubleshooting hardware, loading software, supervising the computer lab, maintaining the web page, assisting in creating and implementing technology lessons, acquiring and loading software, and assisting the faculty and staff in any areas of technology implementation. The core purpose of this position is to support core learning and integrate technology in a creative, fun environment to engage digital learners and educators.