LISD announces outcome of district logo process

LISD began a process of identifying a single logo earlier this year.

In April, the school district reached out for community feedback on the elements important in a logo to community members. In May, a committee of student, parent, staff, retirees, long-time residents, newer residents, and business representatives worked together to review the survey responses and develop recommendations. Then, the district launched online voting to allow community members to participate in the final selection.  

The school district has received a lot of feedback from from the community about the logos put out to vote last week.

In total, 884 participated in the online vote. From this group, 57% voted for the “Double L” package, 34% voted for the “Maroon” package, and 9% voted for the “White” package. We have also heard from some community members that they are concerned about the design of the lion.

Based on the 76% of the people who stated the “LL” was very important to them in a logo in our April survey, and based upon the 57% who voted for the “Double L package” in this most recent vote, administration will be submitting the “LL” design below to the turf company to place upon the field, and will use this logo as our district logo.

The district thanks the community for its passion and participation throughout the process.


Double LL