Clear Fork Elementary letter to parents regarding incident

April 18, 2017


Dear Clear Fork Elementary Parents and Guardians,

Early this morning, the district learned the Lockhart Police Department received a report yesterday of a student telling classmates if the student did not receive money at home to spend at the book fair, the student would bring a gun to school.

One of the classmates who heard the student shared the remarks with parents after school, who contacted local law enforcement to report the concern for investigation. No campus or district staff were aware of what had been said.

This morning, Lockhart ISD administration learned about the investigation. LPD confirmed the student who made the remark about bringing a gun to school has no actual access to guns. LPD also confirmed there is no credible threat.

Out of abundance of caution, LPD visited the campus this morning to ensure safe and smooth operations. We are grateful for their assistance in investigating the matter and keeping our students and staff safe.

I want to thank the student and parents who came forward to LPD to report this concern. I also want to ask parents to please speak with your children and encourage them to please report anything they see or hear that is unsafe to a teacher or other adult as soon as possible so we can work together to keep everyone safe.

Additionally, it would be a good opportunity to emphasize to children that any remarks that are unsafe or possibly harmful to others will be taken very seriously and will result in serious consequences--even if they do not mean it and say it only out of frustration.

As always, if you have any concerns, please feel free to contact me at or at 512-398-0450.


Susanne Scoggins

Clear Fork Elementary