Loving Learning in Kindergarten

They are demonstrating such great learning. This week they have been caught imitating real life situations in the dramatic play center. They have been making notes as reminders of upcoming meetings which they post on the wall. They have made Birthday cards and Valentine's. They have also turned every day objects into stage props. The blue tub has been a desk for important meetings. It has also been a car, a boat, a turtle shell and a dog house. You should hear the great vocabulary and great conversations in the dramatic play area.

At the easel the kids have imitated the morning news and illustrated and retold stories. There was a very interesting story and discussion about a tornado. No doubt they were listening to the news.

In blocks the children have created stories with plots, characters and settings. While playing with blocks they have also learned about space, weight, mass size and cause and effect.

It is so fun to learn in Kindergarten!